Michigan man thought $751,265 lottery jackpot was a computer glitch

When a Michigan man logged in and discovered a $751,265 reward from a Fantasy 5 drawing, he claimed he initially believed there was a glitch with his lottery account.

William Chamberlain Jr., 78, of Montague, informed Michigan Lottery authorities that he purchased three $5 tickets for the Fantasy 5 drawing using his MichiganLottery.com account.

"Next day, when I signed into my account, I got a message regarding collecting my prize. When I noticed that my account amount was $751,265, I initially believed there was a glitch "said Chamberlain.

He said he did not believe he could have won the Fantasy 5 jackpot.

"I explained to my wife that the balance in my account indicated. When they confirmed that I had won the jackpot when I called the lottery office on Monday, I began to shake "said he.

Chamberlain stated that he intends to utilise his gains to pay his bills and increase his savings.

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