Asteroid 2.3 times the size of dinosaur heading for Earth - NASA

An asteroid is seen orbiting around Earth in this artistic rendering.

According to the CNEOS at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the asteroid in issue will pass by on August 16, 2022, specifically at a speed of 7.47 kilometres per second, or 26,892 kilometres per hour.

Additionally, it is equivalent to almost 22 times the speed of sound.

The asteroid 2022 PW will pass Earth at a distance of about 529,000 kilometres, according to NASA's CNEOS.

 Moon typically revolves around the Earth at a distance of about 384,000 kilometres. This indicates that asteroid 2022 PW will be marginally farther from Earth than the Moon.

Asteroid 2022 PW has an estimated diameter that might be up to 51 metres broad, according to NASA's CNEOS.

For comparison, experts estimate that the long-necked sauropod dinosaur Brachiosaurus may have reached a length of 22 metres, or 2.3 times smaller.

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