Couple arrested for 'having sex on Ferris wheel' at amusement park

A couple is reported to have engaged in sexual activity while riding the Giant Wheel ride at Cedar Point in Ohio.

Four witnesses reported seeing a couple engaging in sexual activity on the Giant Wheel at Ohio's Cedar Point amusement park, and they went to the police.

Two young people who were riding in a gondola carriage directly beneath the pair were among the witnesses.

Witnesses claimed they saw the couple expose themselves and felt the trolley sway.

According to a police report , David Davis and Heather Johnston were confronted by a police sergeant and security guards. It was then decided to call the Sandusky Police Department to the area.

The pair first refuted the accusations. According to reports, Johnston, 32, of Dayton, informed police that she was dropping a pack of cigarettes and was wearing shorts underneath her dress.

The two quickly acknowledged having sex, though, after that. After being detained, Davis and Johnston were brought to the Erie County Police Department.

 At amusement park, There are 70 rides there, including a family-friendly roller coaster called Steel Vengeance and the Snake River Expedition.

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