Ford Faces $1.7 Billion Verdict in Fatal Rollover

After  jury decision on Friday in a case involving 2014 rollover of a Ford F-250 pickup truck that left two people dead, Ford Motor Co. is now subject to a maximum $1.7 billion in punitive penalties.

The Gwinnett County jury found that Ford should pay damages for selling 5.2 million Super Duty vehicles with dangerously thin roofs that might crush occupants in a rollover accident.

Melvin and Voncile Hill, a Georgia couple, were driving a 2002 Ford F-250 Super Duty truck from their farm when the right front tyre blew out and the truck toppled over

The couple filed the lawsuit on behalf of themselves. Inside the truck, the Hills were crushed.

Ford will appeal the decision, a spokeswoman said on Saturday. "While our thoughts go out to the Hill family, we don't believe the finding is justified by the evidence."

The $1.7 billion award is reportedly one of Georgia's largest verdicts in history and is disproportionately enormous for an automaker to be named in an accident-related lawsuit.

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