Matt Carpenter makes emotional   return to St. Louis

Carpenter left St. Louis in May to join the New York Yankees, and this was his first return to the city.

Matt Carpenter is now the DH for the New York Yankees

This weekend's three-game series between the New York Yankees and Carpenter's former group, the St. Louis Cardinals, will be played.

In his first return back to St. Louis, where he played 11 seasons with the Cardinals, Matt Carpenter received a thunderous standing ovation.

He hit.186 in 2020 and.169 in 2018, so his previous two seasons didn't go as well for him or the team.

He hit 148 home runs, with a.835 OPS, and was a crucial contributor during the team's playoff campaigns in his first nine seasons with them.

” Carpenter told the FOX2 sports before Friday’s game. “I’m looking forward to getting out there and seeing the fans. Just being back in St. Louis, being back at Busch Stadium, is pretty special.”

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