Top 4 Broncos candidates to help replace Tim Patrick

Tim Patrick, a wide receiver with the Denver Broncos, suffered a knee injury during practice session on Tuesday.

His knee injury appears to be extremely serious, which raises questions for the position in 2022.

1. Tyrie Cleveland : Given his expertise and comparable size to Patrick, Cleveland might have the best chance to fill in for him.

2. Seth Williams: Williams (6-4, 212 pounds) would be the most physically comparable contender to replace Patrick, but he is even less experienced than Cleveland.

3. Kendall Hilton: Although it appears that Kendall Hinton (6-0, 195) is more of a slot receiver, he will undoubtedly have the chance to acquire a bigger position on offence.

4. Brandon Johnson: Johnson has been making an impression during training camp, and if it continues into the preseason, he might be someone to keep an eye on coming autumn.

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